it’s “sadder-ZAW-deh”

“After thinking he wanted to be a plastic surgeon, then dentist, and studying Neuroscience at The University of Toronto, the 22-year-old was left with a degree in a field he found quite interesting, but did not want a career in (it was lab rats or healthcare). After working a stable-but-boring job with the City of Toronto for 2 years post-post-secondary, he finally decided to apply to Humber’s Post-Graduate “Advertising - Art Direction” program, in a cathartic alignment of passion and career.”

The above quote is an excerpt taken from the story of my life. Although, they forgot the part where I also freelance photography through my uni degree. Come see more of that work here.

Currently collecting vintage film cameras and chasing sunsets (or sunrises if I can wake up early).


© Arman Sadrzadeh