Listen To The Max

CHALLENGE: Get 24-35 year olds to play Lotto Max.

INSIGHT: Many young people turn to Youtube to decompress from the stresses of their daily lives, and the ASMR genre on Youtube racks up millions of searches daily.

IDEA: Whisper to the Max - where we use ASMR to keep our target dreaming without limits.

Partnering with Ontario brand Paradigm and keeping it minimal, we wanted to make high-quality headphones available for purchase to enhance your ASMR listening experience.

Each pair purchased comes with a code for a year’s worth of Lotto Max tickets on

We’ll cut through the noise of radio, spotify, and audible ads by running whispered ads roleplaying a Lotto Max jackpot winner’s life.

AD: Arman Sadrzadeh
CW: Shelby Harper

© Arman Sadrzadeh