The Middle (Spec)

Sometimes the middle sucks - airplane middle seats, the middle of nowhere, and even getting caught in the middle.

Oreo wants to remind people that sometimes, the middle is where the good stuff is.

By running ads before Oreo-tagged food videos, we’ll reward viewers who stay until the middle of the ad with various Oreo prizes.

One of those prizes will be an Oreo scented candle, but with a unique code in the wax that is only revealed once the candle burns halfway. Entering this code on the website would get a free box of Oreos and also enter you into the draw for the grand prize.

We’ll take over a city’s subway cars, but have just the middle car be the creme part. The remaining cars will be “cookies” and have arrows guiding them to the center car, where we’ll throw a party inside, complete with a DJ and brand ambassadors giving out free Oreos.

So, about those airplane middle seats...

Partnering with an airline, we’ll dress up every middle seat to be creme white and each surrounding seat to be cookie, and give complementary Oreos to every middle-seat ticket holder, encouraging them to share the fun and make some new friends.

© Arman Sadrzadeh