The Patchwork Project (Spec)

French outdoor clothing brand Salomon has great commitments to sustainability, but doesn’t get the level of recognition of other outdoor brands like Patagonia or The North Face.

However, scrap textile waste remains a problematic but inevitable part of the manufacturing process.

We’ll put the waste to work via: The Patchwork Project, an initiative that upcycles textile waste into high-end art pieces, with the sale profits raising money for youth arts programs - the creators of tomorrow.

Mockups of upcycled ads by world-reknowned artists KAWS, Jeff Koons, and Takashi Murakami, respectively.

Salomon calls their sustainability model the “Play Minded Program”, encouraging its customers to think about their relationship with the planet and to be mindful of the next generation to use it.

With their mission in mind, we hope to hire talented students from arts programs to create their own upcycled-textile ads for Salomon, as mocked up below:

AD: Arman Sadrzadeh
CW: Pat O’Brien

© Arman Sadrzadeh