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The Kitchen is the in-house agency for Kraft Heinz, and with our mission to create at the speed of culture, we react to trends as they happen (finding a ketchup boat guy being one example).

Heinz - Friendship Necklaces

When Deadpool 3 released their first movie poster the week of Valentine’s day, we couldn’t help but notice the resemblance to ketchup and mustard.

So we shapeshifted some friendship necklaces into our iconic Heinz keystone.

Heinz - White Sox Bell of Shame

The Chicago White Sox placed a “Ketchup Bell of Shame” at their ballpark that will get rung if anyone puts ketchup on their Chicago hot dog (Chicagoans HATE ketchup on hot dogs).

We responded with an instagram post celebrating those who have NO shame in putting ketchup on their dogs.

Kraft Dinner - Drake’s (Dinner) Engagements

Drake unveiled a necklace made of 42 engagement rings - one for every time Canada’s favorite artist thought about proposing but didn’t.

As Canada’s favourite dish, we recreated Drake’s viral necklace video and unveiled our own handmade necklace made of 42 noodles (yes, I threaded string through 42 macaroni noodles).

The director of the original Drake video slipped into our DMs and shared our post on his feed with Drake.
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© Arman Sadrzadeh